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Individual  Healing, Coaching, Massage

‘ Life is what you make out of it. We can enrich our lifes, give ourselves energy and joy and be as creative and happy as we can permit ourselves …’

Learn to feel and experience who you really are when you let go of old conditions, patterns and thoughts.  Learn how to liberate yourself of pain, sadness, frustration, fear, emotions that exist deep in our belly, female energy, womb. Embody, Empower & Express… embody and embrace what lives in you, give it the power of the softness that it needs, and express it through any form of creation (sound, image, movement, drama, play…).

No longer we have to live in separateness. Whatever we carry along in our backpack from our birth or youth, with whatever trauma or karma we have come here on this world … There is always and for everyone a path to one-ness, union, connection with mother love, with light, thrust/faith and yourself and the source that lives within you…

Our healings are a combination of coaching and energetic healing with techniques from different cultures, with the power and the light of Mother Earth and the universal healing source.

’Energetic healings exists yet through ages. By the flow of universal energy, the use of powerfull symbols and shamanistic techniques, ones physical, emotional, mental or spiritual situation, can heal, cure, change …



all Reiki-degrees

Medulla Pineal initiation


Initiations of the Andes: Munay Ki and Nusta Karpay, Blossoming

Rite of the Womb


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