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Lion’s gate Women’s Herbal Temazcal (Belgium)

August 8, 2023 @ 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Dear women,
inviting you to a Women’s temazcal in Belgium on 8/8
I received the message to declare 8/8 as the day of Feminine Fire.
8/8 forms a lemniscate. The lemniscate of connection between two parts coming together in the centre. Earth’s lemniscate is not balanced between the feminine and the masculine. As long as we have too little respect for the earth, for who and what she is, and continue to burden it with rubbish and everything we no longer need, the balance in the lemniscate is an illusion.
The earth can no longer swallow it, absorb it, carry it, digest it. She is tired and too full.
She wants to break out, burst open, clean up, purify, heal, transform that which is too much in her, on her. She needs space back in her body.
Her way of doing that is through the feminine fire.
Deep in the earth dwells the feminine fire, connected to the volcanic lava force in the earth.
She has shown the world so many times that eruptions are her way of cleaning up. If we do not respect her and keep taxing her, she will erupt.
Volcanic lava symbolises the feminine fire. The feminine fire that comes from the deep core of the earth. It is of an incredibly uninhibited, fierce, fiery power. Just like the fire that resides within women.
As women, we may start honouring, cherishing, embracing this inner feminine fire more. This fire that has been taken away from us for so long. The only fire left was the masculine fire. Grandfather fire.
Grandmother fire wishes to live again, in each of us. Like the ancient days in the temples. Sitting together around grandmother fire, honouring her, offering her sacrifices, being with her, holding our prayers with her, singing our songs with her. Listening to what she has to tell us, listening to her messages.
On 8/8, I will be 56.
I have been keeper of the fire for so long. I honour the fire as a medicine woman. That is what she is. And as a medicine woman and crone woman, I honour the inner fire that has come to tell, heal, transform me so much since I turned 50.
When Etna and other powerful volcanoes will again erupt to full blast to purify, cleanse and heal the body of the earth, we will all bear the consequences. And these will not be minus.
My call for 8/8 is to declare that day as a day for the inner feminine fire.
Anyone who feels called to join in honouring the fire and crawl into the sweat lodge with me (Belgium), to connect with the inner feminine fire that resides within each of us, welcome.
If you want to hold another event that day around the feminine fire, feel welcome.
I invite, sisters, to keep your candle – symbolising the feminine fire – burning all day.
For balance on earth, for the feminine fire, for honouring the earth and its call for healing, stillness, purification.
With the power of the flowing spirit, Awen
Would you like to join me in the sweat lodge on 8/8, send me an email: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org
Read more about feminine fire and earth healing:
My first book: Wise Playful Woman. Shape Shifting. Keys to true and authentic womanhood. Towards remembering our primal power and joy. Published in Dutch and English
My second book: Temples of the Black Sun. Remembering, liberating and empowering feminine energy
will be released in September/October 2023

Kasterlee, Belgium


info & register: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org



August 8, 2023
3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Veerle Phara