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Sweatlodge from Old to New

December 31, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - January 1, 2022 @ 3:30 am


Sacred Sweatlodge from Old to New
from Friday 31 December 2021
to Friday 1 January 2021

It is special and magical to celebrate the transition to the new year in the warm bed of a sweat lodge.

2022 is a powerful 6 master year. The number 6 refers to the connection of opposites. Light and Dark, Male and Female, Fire and Water, Above and Below, Sky and Earth. Connecting the Four Elements and Yourself in the Center, and the Universe outside you. Connecting the secrets of Life. A year to engage and challenge you to listen even more to your heart and what truly, genuine is yours, what ego is and what resonates with your soul and heart. 6 is also a symbol of Venus, the planet/Goddess related to love, fertility, intuition, true feminine identity, power and harmony.

We would like to invite you to start this special year close to yourself and conscious minded  people in the warm bed of a sweat lodge. To take off all masks and start 2022 in purity.

Sweat lodges are initiations, rituals, gates, … that bring Women and Men back to the heart of creation. It is a powerful ancient ceremony to a world of deep and spiritual connection.

In this sweat lodge from old to new we create a ceremony to balance the 4 elements in and around yourself. To restore our dialogue with earth, water, fire and air. To release our old skin and give it to the earth, to use our senses and to create space to strengthen your intention(s) for the new year.

Wonderful to meet and welcome you on this special evening / night!

* welcome around 18h for a cup of tea and to relax
* around 19h we would like to build up the fire together and put our intentions for the new year in the ancestor stones
we connect to the fire
* we provide a special ritual prior to the sweat lodge for our intentions/wishes
* around 21h we go into the sweat lodge
and then let go of time (Indian Time)!

* after the sweat lodge there is a herbal bath to celebrate our rebirth in the new year xxx!
We share a light potluck

Registration is necessary for this sweat lodge: info@templeoftheearth.org
Guidance by Veerle Phara, Yves Vanopslagh and fire keepers Leon de Jongh & Tom Guillermo

Further information will follow after registration

Location: Temple of the Earth Aljezur (P)

Contribution: € 77 -, please deposit before 10/12 (your presence is confirmed when depositing your contribution)

Please bring with you:
* if you wish so a towel to sit on (especially when it’s colder outside) in the sweatlodge
* clothing: your own choice, you can bring a saron or cloth to enter the lodge, once you’re in the hut, it’s wonderful to sit naked on the earth, but even there you’re free – take something to do around you and let your feelings of the moment play a part, don’t try to think it up in your head beforehand
* extra towel to dry you off after the sweat lodge
(we provide an herbal bath)
* even though it will be far January 1st when we come out of the sweat lodge, we still share a meal after the ceremony, so please bring a light potluck.
potluck is a dish of your choice, can be a salad, a quiche, pasta, rice. bread. topping, fruit, nuts, …
We provide water and tea
* optional: musical instruments for around the fire (on the spot are also rattles, etc..)

* for those who stay overnight: you take all your own sleeping bag or duvet, pillow, etc…  contribution: €25,-

* Welcome to WHO you are, now in your life and in the moment, in your joy and in your sadness, in your strength and in your softness….
* take some time in advance during the week to tune in to your intention(s) for this sweat lodge ceremony: with what would you like to enter the new year?
Take that intention with you to the sweat lodge ceremony!

Find out what your wishes, intentions or desires are for 2022:  (make one or more choices)
– Healing of yourself and/or others, forgiveness of yourself and/or others
– Creating, launching or shaping a new project; taking up your keepership/responsability for something
– Strength, courage, standing more in your (primal) strength, daring to stand up for who you are truly and authentically
– Better grounding, grounding, connection to earth
– More Gratitude for your life, for life, and for what or for whom you are grateful
– Living from your intuition, from your open heart, unconditionally and less from your head, and also more from your heart
– Being able and daring to make choices, to let go, to distance oneself from that which prevents one from growing into who one is (e.g. fears, can also be something concrete like an addiction…).
– A relationship (loves, partner, sexual … relationship)
– More Abundance (material, professional) and more flowing energy on …
– · …

heart embrace,
in light and love,

Veerle Phara & Yves


December 31, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
January 1, 2022 @ 3:30 am
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