Women’s herbal sweatlodge: root deep down into our wild feminine nature

Dear Women, Welcome to our women's herbal sweatlodge on Sunday, May 15, with Full Moon! Root deep down into our wild feminine nature. Treat yourself to this magic temazcal with lots of seasonal herbs and herbal water. A loving immersion in the warm womb of mother earth, together with and connected in a circle of […]


💓🌹HEART YONI -talk💓🌹

Dear Yoni-owners, I invite you to the magical and powerful field of Gestalt Therapy. During this 4 hour workshop we are going to dive deeper into the connection between our Heart & Yoni. Gestalt Therapy is based on the same principles as family constellation whereby you tap into the ‘knowing field’. This technique gives us […]

Womb Temple Cacao Ritual for Women

Dear women! I will be sharing a Cacao Ritual with the intention to awaken to the Heart-Womb - an inner presence that affirms our sacred connection with life. Cacao is widely known as a heart-opener but it is also a wonderful womb-medicine. The enchanting, dark and fertile presence of cacao is like the Womb - […]


Yoni Egg Initiation + guided practice

For women who are interested in the ancient Taoist yoni egg practices: On Thursday the 9th of June (10:00– 15:00) there will be a introductory workshop in Taoism including guided practice in the Temple of the Earth A journey into the origins of the Yoni Egg and other Taoist feminine embodiment practices for cultivating and […]


Dear Yoni-owners, So grateful to invite you again to the powerful field of Gestalt Therapy. During this 4 hour workshop we are going to dive deeper into the connection between our Heart & Yoni. Gestalt Therapy is based on the same principles as family constellation whereby you tap into the ‘knowing field’. This technique gives […]

Womb & Yoni initiation ritual

Womb & Yoni initiation Ritual - Sunday 27 November 4-9pm Dear Sisters, Dear Women, Back in Portugal after an intense period of travelling, guiding groups, and having an amazing sweatlodge with women in Belgium on 08.11 full moon and moon eclipse. Quite some women have asked me to organize a womb ritual again. With love I organize […]

Winter solstice Sweatlodge for Women Belgium

Lieve vrouwen, sisters, (groot)moeders, dochters,  Van harte welkom in onze ZWEETHUT VOOR VROUWEN met de WINTERZONNEWENDE thema: OPEN JE HART zondag 18 december, Kasterlee (België) Van oudsher is de winterzonnewende een bijzondere datum om samen te komen, de magische cyclus van het leven en de terugkomst van de zon te vieren. Het lijkt of de zon dan even stil […]

Rite of the Womb and Yoni Initiation Ritual Aljezur (P)

Welcome to a Rite of the Womb and a new Initiation Ritual that came to me during one of my many journeys in the Peruvian Andes, in Amantani, the feminine island situated on the sacred Lake Titicaca, where the Temple of PachaMama is very present to remember ancient feminine wisdom. This Yoni Initiation Ritual  is a new Rite of the Yoni where we implant ancient healing symbols in […]


Inner Feminine Fire Ritual Aljezur (P)

As long as we as women remain stuck in masculine values and patterns concerning the fire, and memories like the witch burnings, we can never fully embrace, honor and use our inner feminine fire. We are daughters of the earth, of water, of fire, of air and wind, of the sun, moon and stars. When […]


Lion’s gate Women’s Herbal Temazcal (Belgium)

Dear women, inviting you to a Women's temazcal in Belgium on 8/8 I received the message to declare 8/8 as the day of Feminine Fire. 8/8 forms a lemniscate. The lemniscate of connection between two parts coming together in the centre. Earth's lemniscate is not balanced between the feminine and the masculine. As long as […]

Full Moon ceremony for women (Aljezur, Portugal)

Dear sisters,   In the night of 30 to 31 of August we have a super full moon, a very powerful energy!   A warm welcome in our full moon Women's ceremony 30 of August.  Looking forward to meet you all in the deep healing surrounding    Notice that we only have place for 13 women. Already 10 women […]

Boek event & Initiatie Ritueel (Nuenen, Nederland)

Lieve vrouwen, sister, Maar ook mannen! welkom om mee de space te hoeden! van harte welkom op het event rond mijn nieuwe boek: Tempels van de Zwarte Zon. Herinneren, Bevrijden en Bekrachtigen van vrouwelijke energie. Ik neem jullie graag mee op een voorstelling rond mijn tweede boek en een initiatieritueel rond het innerlijk vrouwelijk vuur. […]

Temazcal for Women (Pedralva, Portugal)

Welcome dear Women, celebrating the new moon and powerful eclips of 14/10 in a temazcal (sweatlodge with lots of herbs and water) In the Temazcal we surrender ourselves to the fire, the earth, the water, the stones and our breath. We sink into our body and create space on all layers for what wishes to live […]

Sweatlodge Womb Sisterhood (Portugal)

Dear Sisters, Women, Welcome in our next Herbal Sweatlodge for Women Theme is coming home into ourselves, in our bodies and in our wombs, connecting to spring time. 1-2 February is the Celtic start of Spring, and 1 February is also the celebration of Yemaya, the Mother Orisha of the Ocean and th salt waters.  […]


Medicine Woman Path retreat (Portugal)

Dear Women, Sisters, Welcome on this Healing Path for yourself & to Learn to Coach other women. flyer: Medicine Woman healing Journey Remembering, Liberating & Empowering your feminine energy Tapping into the resources of the elemental powers, nature and the energetic worlds. Receiving tools to rebalance yourself, to release the limiting convictions and stories that are […]

Sprinq equinox Sweatlodge for Women (Portugal)

Dear sisters! very welcome in our next Herbal sweatlodge for women in Pedralva, Portugal Theme of the day is Sexuality, Compassion, Affection, Love and Rebirth. Inviting spring into our bodies, releasing what we no longer need and remembering the messages we carry within our womb. Connecting with the ancestor stones, with earth, water, fire, air and […]


Vision Quest for Women (Pedralva, Portugal)

THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKED Welcome, dear woman, wonderful human being… Do you feel the desire to create time and space for yourself, apart from home, from the known, from all the fuss, all the daily hustle and bustle? Do you need silence in your life, to be one with nature, to sink away from […]