Jade Egg and Taoist Treasures An Introductory

Jade egg practices are part of ancient Taoist sexual yoga methodology designed to help strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles and deepen the connection with yourself, your sexual energy, femininity & pelvis. This workshop is good for women completely new to the jade egg, feminine practices, and women's circles, and is also […]


Sisterhood – Women Circle by Kathrin

In deep connection I would like to offer a wonderful women's circle at the 29th of April, 10am-1pm (maybe shorter, but better too much time, than too less) Through all the intense events at Temple of the (h)earth, I have learned what sisterhood means. I would like to share this knowledge with you before I […]

€20 – €30

Rite of the Womb

Dear Women, This Rite of the Womb connects us with a lineage of women that live life in beauty, power and integrity. It is an ancient and beautiful Amazone ritual that heals women. This rite honours and recognizes the primal mother and the goddess in each woman and brings all the elements in ourselves in […]


Expression through Oriental Dance

Dear Women, inviting you women who are looking for a way to BE the dance, to explore and connect, to discover and express the infinite possibilities and colours we all carry in our belly and soul ~~~  through ancient feminine wisdom of different cultures. I share my wide experience as a dancer and teacher through […]

€20 – €25

Embracing the female spring of pleasure – with Amina

A playshop for women where we demystify FEMALE EJACULATION and the Gspot and explore our magical potential for pleasure coming from a place of self love. We will learn about the therapeutic and spiritual role of female ejaculation, known already in ancient cultures, and how to awaken your Gspot and get its lovely fountain flowing. […]


Herbal sweatlodge (temazcal) for Women: Wild Self Love

Dear women, Come into your feminine Wild Self-love energy: a summer sweat lodge to sink into your body, to enjoy, to allow the full feminine fertile and summery energy into every cell of your body. To enter a sweat lodge is to come home to the womb of mother earth. Traditionally, it is a cleansing […]


Ñusta Karpay 7 initiations

Every Tuesday (12, 19 & 26 Oct, 9 Nov) 10am-2h30pm 7 initiations to Awaken the Divine Feminine inside you The Ñusta Karpay are intensive initiation rituals for healing and integration of all feminine aspects inside you.  The Ñusta are the goddesses/princesses of the Andes. Karpay means initiation.  The Ñusta are related to the sacred lakes […]

Sweatlodge Women & Venus ritual

Dear sisters, women of all ages, a warm welcome in the Womb of the Earth, in a safe circle of women. To enter a sweat lodge is like coming home into the womb of mother earth. Traditionally, it is a cleansing and healing process on four levels: physical, emotional, mental and energetic. A sweatlodge reminds […]

Mindful Masturbation for Women

"Sexuality is pure creative life force. Connected with life and earth itself and with All of Who you are. Our bodies are sacred land and want to be seen and honored."   Mindful Masturbation is an invitation into these energies. It's a welcome to explore and love your outer body, its inner landscapes and the […]

€55 – €77