Men’s Sweatlodge

Grounding in our masculine energy with an Open Heart Welcome to our Men's sweatlodge. I have been giving sweat lodges according to many traditions for over 20 years. The last few years I have been guiding men on the path to the Inner Warrior through workshops, fire rituals and guiding men's groups. Male Grounding with […]


Authentic Men Circle

Hello Brothers, Next Wednesday you are all welcome again for an Authentic Men circle around the fire outside. Because it is Beltane, the Celtic fest of the beginning of the Summer, I invite you to a very special ancient powerful Celtic fire ritual, to release the old and invite the new. Know that these rituals […]

€15 – €20

Somatic dancing for Women & Men

A simple invitation to celebrate movement, brother/sisterhood and primal life energy. Every person has a right to feel comfortable in her/his body. Somatic dancing will take us on a journey of self-exploration using our body as the research material. The main goal of the research is to come closer to our self, body, sensations, and […]