Ancient Portals & Andes Wisdom journey Peru & Bolivia

Ceremonial & Initation journey to the Andes 10 April to 24 April (without Bolivia) or 28 April (with Bolivia) 2023  flyer Ancient Portals & Andes Wisdom.journey to Peru and Bolivia.April 2023 more info, details or questions: LAST PLACE (almost fully booked, only one place over) This healing journey through the Andes will take you […]

Summer solstice Ceremony Aljezur

Opening your Heart, walking the Path of your Soul Welcome in our next Ceremonial weekend in Aljezur, Portugal Right after Summer solstice 1-2 July Sacred plants are powerful tools in our transformation processes. They can help us to increase awareness, to heal our energy and open the heart to understand nature, the universe, the spirits, […]