Ceremonial weekend with temazcal (Portugal)

Dear tribe, Welcome in our next ceremonial weekend, celebrating life, connecting with our prayers, earth, water, fire, air and opening our hearts for who we truly are. Remembering that we are on earth to reconnect with our greatest potential that lives within each one of us. We will be just back from our ceremonial & […]

Ceremonial & Initiation journey to the Andes

Ceremonial & Initation journey to the Andes 16 April to 5 May 2025   more info, flyers, details or questions: veerlephara@templeoftheearth.org This healing journey through the Andes will take you to a deeper layer of powerful pre-Inca and Inca cultures, and give you the keys to come home and awaken your heart energy. The focusis on experiencing, […]