Querida hermana, Querido hermano, ¿caminas por el Sendero de la Conciencia?

A siendo una Persona auténtica, vivir con un Corazón Abierto y ser Libre y Salvaje para vivir tu Pasión, tu Corazón y tu Misión del Alma en el planeta que llamamos Tierra …

Dear sister, Dear brother, do you walk the Path of Consciousness?

To being an authentic Person, to live with an Open Heart, and be Free and Wild to live your Passion, your Heart and Soul Mission on the planet that we call Earth…

Our Mission: to create a Temple of the (H)Earth

We have a vision … please read our Mision more in detail Mission of our Centre in Aljezur

For years we have been searching for a unique place in the world to create a centre for heart connection and personal development through conscious re-sourcement. A place where people can mee themselves and nature on deeper levels, through rituals, ceremonies, retreats, dialogue, workshops and incentives.

A domain in Nature where indigenous and contemporary rituals and ceremonies worldwide, can inspire younger people and adults on their life path, reaching out keys in personal development to live as genuine, authentic men or women, living and realizing their true mission in the world.

A centre with attention for sustainable proyects, for living in community, for local communities and for the social-ecological and economical environment.

Beginning of this year we found ‘Quinta da Nora’ in Aljezur, Southern-Portugal. A precious domain of 7ha, with two buildings, a small lake, a river, 2 water reserves, enough parking space, camping place, an open kitchen and sanitary blocks. Behind the property there is a nature reserve Vale da Nora, of more then 100ha. Easy access with private or public transport, it is situated at ten minutes from the picturesque village Aljezur and twenty minutes from the magnificent and virgin Atlantic Westcoast.

In the small house we will live ourselves.  The larger house will serve as guesthouse, office and space for meeting and coaching. Yves will build a larger yurt (Mongolic nomade tent or Ger) of 10m diameter as Temple and workshopspace, and four other yurts and two tipis that can serve as sleeping facilities or more rooms to organize activities. The domain has a swimming pool, a wooden and infrared sauna and offers the space and opportunities to receive larger groups.

The centre will be managed by us, with collaboration and support of international volunteers and local employees.

During our first encounter with the place, we felt our heart and our energy resonating.  A wonderfull place where we can realize our dream!!


To buy this property and create this centre, we partly can count on our own financial means. But we still need another 200.000,- euro by the beginning of October.

This could be by donations, investment or crowdfunding.

Return of investment in case of crowdfunding:

  • participation in a retreat, workshop, incl. residence (during the coming 5 years) – program for the coming year is under construction
  • hiring the place to give a retreat, workshops, incentive or other activity (always in agreement with the owners)


  • we can count on a large customer/client file build during the past years
  • business plan is available for those who wish
  • the property is easily to reach and accessible. Distance Belgium/Holland – Faro or Lissabon is only 3h. Distance Faro-Aljezur with proper transport/by car: 1h. Distance Lissabon-Aljezur: 2h15. Easily to reach by public transport (bus) or taxi from Faro or Lissabon

Our centre: a place for retreats, workshops, rituals, ceremonies, incentives, meetings and brainstorming …

  • for men and women on their path to awareness/consciousness, to coming home in their heart, to ground, to re-source themselves and to work on their personal development
  • to make connection between old/indigenous and new/contemporary rituals and ceremonies
  • to create a worldwide Temple of the Earth, to support people towards consciousness on the Earth, the impact of behaviour, (over)consumption and the lack of respect and reciprocity for the Earth
  • to create an international platform (physical and online) for consciousness/awareness on the earth and what our real mission & task is as a Keeper of the Earth
  • to invite Elders and workshopteachers, of different cultures, to trespass their wisdom, knowledge and vision
  • for local communities, by employment of local people, by purchase of local products of the farmers/on the markets, and by conserving the nature reserve Vale da Nora (which is partly on our domain)
  • for volunteers wordwide (embedded in various volunteer organisations)
  • self supporting by yurts, tipis, solar energy, proper watersources and reserves, permaculture,…

more info? info@templeoftheearth.org