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Life is what you make of it. We can enrich our lives, give ourselves energy and joy and be as creative and happy as we allow ourselves

Learning to feel and experience who you really are apart from old conditions, patterns and thoughts. Learning to free yourself from pain, sadness, frustration, fear, emotions that are deeply anchored in our stomach, pelvis and womb. Embody, Empower & Express… embody and embrace what lives inside you, give it the strength or softness it needs, and out of it through any form of creation (sound, image, movement, drama, play…).

We no longer need to live in separation. Whatever backpack we carry with us from our birth or early childhood, whatever trauma or karma we came into this world with… There is always and for everyone a path to unity and unity with the universal source of motherly love, of light, trust and primordial creation, and with yourself….

Our healing is a combination of coaching and energetic healing with techniques from different cultures, with the power and light of Mother Earth and the universal source of healing from the cosmos.


Veerle Phara gives creative and contextual coaching, healing & individual sessions  whats app: +32 473 879410


Malika gives shiatsu & holistic massage whats app: +32 495 751860


Yves gives coaching for men and young adults, also father-son relationships. He guides ceremony with the sacred Huachuma (individual and in group) whats app: +32 478 389718


“Energetic healing has been alive for centuries. Through the flow of universal energy, the use of powerful symbols and shamanic techniques, one’s condition can heal, heal, change physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually…



all Reiki degrees

Medulla Pineal – Pineal Gland Initiation


Munay Ki and Nusta Karpay, Blossoming

Rite of the Womb




Veerle Phara +32 473879410 (whatsapp)

Malika +32 495 751860 (whatsapp)

Yves +32 478 389718 (whatsapp)