Dear friends,

Life is as enriching, intense and full of joy as you wish to make it yourself. It is as a ritual of coming and going, in an always whirling spiral from inside to outside and from outside to inside, and a game between all wind directions and elements: earth, water, fire, air/wind  …

New Moon … since 2 february, day of Brigid, Imbolc and Yemaya, the wheel of life may slowly turn outwards again, the spring brings the first signs of life. In Portugal we are already in spring, the mimosa is blossoming and all wold herbs are growing towards the sun light.

2019 is a powerful year of transition where you all of us are being challenged to go deeper into your heart, to stand authentic in life and listen to that what really belongs to you. We are all ‘Searching Souls‘ ! Searching for the truth, recognizing what the masks of your ego are and what really resonates with your soul and heart, and what is your real mission on earth. It asks to step out of your roll being a victim, take of any masks or veils, and let go of your limited convictions, damaging emotions and old stories. To take your True Keepership on earth, to re-discover your own healing power, to write your authentic life story, ahead the fear, with courage and faith.

All is within ourselves. It is on each of us to make choices, in connection with nature, with the earth, water, fire and air, and with All there is, to re-member (become member again of ourselves, of our soul, of our real tribe) our inner wisdom.

Welcome to participate in a ritual, ceremony, initiation, retreat or training in Belgium, Holland or Portugal.  In the Temple of the Earth, in the midst of  800ha of nature reserve in Aljezur, Portugal, all facilities are present to take a distance of your daily life and re-source, nurture yourself into the deeper layers of your mind, heart and soul.

In light, love and connection, Come back to the JOY in your Heart

Veerle Phara and Yves



for all retreats in Portugal (also the hosting retreats:





Wednesday 20 till monday 25 march: Nature Retreat with Chris Hoeree and Ross Olson (Portugal), open for everyone, with sweatlodge by Veerle & Yves!

More info

Chris Hoeree:


Thuesday 26 till sunday 30 march: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Retreat for men  more info

by Yves Vanopslagh and Erik Habraken

Erik Habraken:


Weekend 30-31 marchMother-Daughter weekend by Agnes Eising and Veerle Phara (Begijnendijk, Belgium) en vuurhoedster Aniet Langeveld    Meer info  FULL

Agnes Eising:

interested in mother-daughter retreat in Portugal? via! From 30 april till 3 may 2020 we organize a mother-daughter and father-sun retreat in Portugal!


Monday 15 april – Thuesday 2 may Ceremonial journey to Peru & Bolivia: Path of the Heart, an initiation journey that brings you to the deeper layers of the Andes cultures ánd to yourself, balancing male and female energy within yourself and discovering your heart

by Veerle Phara & Yves

meer info  or ask the English flyer:



24-29 may: Retreat Awaken We within Me – Realize Us (Portugal)


30 may – 2 juni:  Wildeman men festival Holland 

Yves gives temascales


Saturday 1 june: Breath & Sweat your Heart Open: Breathing session and Sweatlodge for Women (with New Moon)

by Diana Bierings and Veerle Phara (Begijnendijk, Belgium)   – meer info

inscribe and info:

Diana Bierings:


Sunday 23 june:  Mixed sweatlodge Summer Solstice

with a special Andean ritual to honour the sun – meer info

by Yves and Veerle Phara (Begijnendijk Belgium)


july – august

3-7 julyHG festival Zeewolde, Holland: Yves and Veerle co-organize this special man-woman festival, we are Fire Keepers and give 4 temascales/sweatlodges in the morning

More info


11-14 juli: Healings & ceremonial weekend with medicine woman from Peru Awen Kimaya with Sacred Plants (Portugal)

More info:


17-25 julyNature as a Mirror for your Creative Being, an artistic/creative  retreat with yoga etc, for women, by An Lanckman, Marianne De Wilde and Veerle Phara (Portugal)

with option yoga, dance   More info


19-25 augustLorelei womenfestival Holland: Veerle gives sweatlodges each morning

More info:


29 august – 1 septemberMenfestival (België)

Yves is Fire Keeper, responsable for the Sacred Space, temascales and fire walk, and gives temascales on the festival

More info:


Trainings start october

weekend 19-20 oktober 2019:  Sjamanic & Sweatlodge: Keeper of the Four Elements (Belgium and Portugal) More info: Open for everyone – mail for the english flyer


weekend 26-27 oktober 2019: next Fire Keeper training (Belgium)

More info:  Open for everyone

ask english flyer


Special retreats autumn 2019 Portugal:


* Rite of Passage: Transition from Adult to Wise Woman: 17-22 september

by Veerle Phara and Karen van Heuckelom  more info

* Wild & Tribal Feminine Soul: 24-29 september

by Veerle Phara and Helena Vanden Bergh  more info

* Initiatieretreat voor vrouwen: 6-10 november

met Veerle Phara en Hermine Schoneveld  more info

* Elder gathering: 31 oktober – 3 november

* Jeffrey Wium Wisdomkeepers & Heart Healing Retreat: 18-22 november more info



voor activiteiten in België en Nederland, zie