Dear sisters, dear brothers,

The Full Moon of August 3 stood in the sign of Aquarius. We are in the astrological sign of Leo. Two opposite signs. This can cause quite some internal movement, doubt, unrest, conflict. Especially in a turbulent world in which we live now.
We stand before the Lion Gate on August 8th. What do you want to leave behind and how do you want to stand in your power? What change do you want to/can you allow and what steps do you want to take?

The planets show that it is time to walk your own paths and to leave what others think about it behind you. It is your moment on earth, your life is your gift. In these times we do not know what will happen tomorrow. That is why today is the time to do what makes you happy.

What is your passion? What does your heart long for? Are you at home in your heart? Let the Lion(s) roar inside you, come out, play, be free, go crazy. Don’t let others restrict you, but follow your path.
The same message Veerle gives in her book Wise Playful Woman. It just came out. You can email to order it. For now only in Dutch, it is being translated in English (for October)

On your way to healing, being one with and coming home to yourself.

Veerle Phara & Yves


Rite of the Womb for Women, Lagos Portugal – Monday 3rd of August


Coaching & Medicine Healing 

Temple of the Earth, Aljezur


Agua de Florida Ritual for Women

Saturday 19th September 10h30-16h30

Agua de Florida is a healing water.
I received the recipe from an Ecuadorian Medicine Woman and have trespassed it to many women since then. It may only be trespassed by women (but ofcourse also men can use it as much as they wish!). We honour that tradition. It is made of flowers and herbs and each agua de florida is unique. It is used as a healing water to purify, cleanse, protect, support, guidance. 
The ritual is really so heart touching, in a circle of women. 
If you wish to subscribe, please send me a mail.

Temple of the Earth, Aljezur


Private Ceremonies

Temple of the Earth, Aljezur