Dear sisters, brothers,

New Moon 17 September 2020.
The first weekend of September we finished our fifth fire keeper training. The fire showed us as never before his/her strength as medicine man and medicine woman. What special profound messages for each of us.

Yves got the spirit of the bear and Veerle the spirit of the crow. Both animals are on the west side of the medicine wheel and need time and repentance to come to insights and listen to the voice of heart and soul. The bear from introspection into its (winter)cave, the crow flies into the void to connect with the sacred laws of the universe. The crow scratches its shadow until it has revealed the deepest layers, has let go of all the old patterns that no longer serve to create space for true heart and soul energy. September feels like an ideal month for this. After a constellation I did with Suzanne Cerutti, a lot of old ancestral energy has fallen into place. Today already feels like an enormous liberation. We can heal and transform very old layers and shadows where we no longer have to wear the burden of on our shoulders.

The planets show us that a turbulent autumn is coming. September is an ideal month to go inside and make choices out of ignorance. The universe moves… what will autumn bring us? We have already made the choice to still give ceremonies, sweatlodges and rituals, and to finish our 2020 training, but to postpone our new year training to 2021.

We live in intensely transforming times. Times that increasingly indicate to us how essential it is to walk your own path and leave behind what others think about it. It is your moment on earth, your life is your gift. In these times we do not know what will happen tomorrow. That is why today is the time to realize that which makes you happy, of course within what is possible.
What is your passion? What does your heart long for? Are you at home in your heart? Do not let others restrict you, but follow your path. Play, enjoy, live, free yourself from all the old things and open yourself to who you really are in your heart.

Wise Playful Woman (Veerle’s book was published in early July – it is being translated now in English) also reflects on this. You can send an email to to order the book.

On your way to healing, being one with and coming home to yourself.
warm heart embrace,

Veerle Phara & Yves Vanopslagh

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