Dear Sisters, Brothers,

Full Moon 1 of October 2020. 

A newsletter from the Temple of the Earth Aljezur with our coming activities below.

The Full Moon of 1 of October in Aries announces a big change within ourselves. Saturn is around since a while and wishes you to life your life fully, from the heart and the soul. He wishes that you wake up so you can remember your mission on earth. It is time to take your rightful place in the world, the one that gives you joy and freedom.

There is a big shift going on in the firmament and on earth.

Now you heal the wounds that arise within you when the female is not accepted in the patriarchal world order. You take Lilith, the wild feminine energy by the hand and invite her into your life. The time of adaptation is over and it is time for the divine feminine to take its rightful place.
This means that your awareness is now changing so that your feminine yin energy is in balance with your masculine yang. And when it happens, things happen. Because your yin is magnetic. So that you attract things that you love. Now you regain the power to create new things in full balance. And Saturn will take you to new ways of life. New opportunities are coming to you. Events that you couldn’t even have imagined before are now becoming reality.
On Sunday, the destiny planet and transformer Pluto will also turn right. Pluto works in your subconscious mind and what has been pushed away. So there is a great transformation happening in your inner being this week. Awakening. Your consciousness shifts and you let yourself blossom. Your higher cosmic self becomes more and more a natural part of you. You become the hands and feet of the universe on earth.

If you are in the wrong place, your heart says stop and you just can’t stay. You feel in all your soul that you have to do what your heart is singing. And the universe now shows you new opportunities. New doors are opening. New soul friends are revealed. New collaborations leading to.
Mother Earth is calling you. The divine feminine needs your help. The world needs you.
Together with your soul friends you are about to give birth to a new earth and a new era.
So it is time to follow your inner desire and your inner security. You are here to help in the transition to a more loving, equal and just world where we all live in full balance with each other and Mother Earth.
A new Earth is about to be born. And you belong. We feed it together.
All love, joy and healing

This same message Phara gives in her book Wise Playful Woman.  For now in Dutch but end of november it will be published in English. She already found her way to many women and men! If you wish to order a book, you can send a mail to
On our path to healing and coming home in your heart & soul, they know the way. 

Veerle Phara & Yves

Activities for Women


write to: for more info or inscription

Rite of the Womb 

Friday 23 October and Tuesday 27 October
by Veerle Phara
more info: fb

Women’s sauna and healing circle

Saturday 7 november: 16h – 20h
sign up:

Breath Work

Sunday 8 november: 11h -14h
by Daniela Mar – www.breathandsound.or

Awakening Female Body Wisdom retreat
Week 9-15 november: only in Dutch
by Diana Bierings, with sweatlodge by Veerle Phara –

Sweatlodge for Women (to be affirmed)

Sunday 22 november
by Veerle Phara

Breath & Sweat your Heart open 

Sunday 10 January
more info: fb
by Veerle Phara & Daniela Mar

Wise Playful Woman retreat 2021 

Week 15-21 february 2021
by Veerle Phara & co
ask the flyer

Individual Coaching & Medicine Healing/ life or online
Munay Ki,  Ñusta Karpay –
Veerle Phara – certified creative coach & shamanic healer or +32 473879410Shiatsu & Healing

Malika – certified Shiatsu therapist or +32 495751860

Activities for Men 

Men’s circle

Wednesday 18 November 19h30- 22h30 – under guidance of Yves
The intention is to meet monthly, in the first place to meet, share, listen, connect, create a brotherhood of men.
It is an invitation to share together on themes such as relationship, fraternity, sexuality, etc.
It is not a time to drink a beer together but really a deeper connection with ourselves and with the other men/brothers.
If you are interested, please send me your name. If you have friends or brothers who are interested, please let me know. All men are welcome.
more info:

Individual Coaching for Men

Yves  or +32 478389718
Activities for Men & Women

Temazcal & Ceremony with Huachuma  

29-30 december 2020 with Full Moon

Sacred Sweatlodge from Old to New 
31 december – 1 january

Intensive Fire Keeper training Portugal 2021
24 january tot 6 february 2021
more info?

Betaling en annulatie: Bij annulatie wordt er steeds een administratieve kost aangerekend van 25 euro of bij vormingen/opleidingen/weekends van 55 euro. Bij annulatie twee weken voor de workshop/ceremonie/vorming plaats vindt, wordt het gestorte bedrag niet meer terug betaald. Deelname is op eigen hoeder of hoedsterschap! lees onze privacy & annulatie voorwaarden