Temple of the (H)Earth

Creating Healing Vortexes worldwide

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We host different kinds of events for women & men to reconnect with their hearts, like shamanic rituals, ceremonies, sweatloges, movement classes, singing, breathwork, meditation, workshops and more!


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Shamanic Rituals

We offer diverse shamanic initiations and rituals from the Andes to come in your true self, into your heart and into your power. To balance the Feminine and the Masculine within yourself.


Learn more about Shamanism in our Shamanic Medicine Retreats and the Shamanic Path to come home deep into your heart and open to the Medicine Woman / Man inside yourself


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We offer different Coaching Methods to support you within healing processes, your health, lifestyle and to support you within your soul path and mission

Welcome dear sister, welcome dear brother.
We are in transition times.
The Temple of the Earth is soon moving to a new place and we also travel around.
We are Heart travelling Warriors bringing our healing gifts into the world.

Please contact us if you wish to host us: info@templeoftheearth.org

“We are not teaching you to run and hide. We are coaching you to stand up as a Woman and Man and follow your path to be, to be authentic, to speak your inner truth and to pursue your path… We need to heal ourselves from the past and follow our heart as rays of light… Because we are light, strong lasers of light …”